Tax-Advantaged Wealth Strategy

From a financial standpoint, what is it that keeps you up at night?

  • How will taxes, inflation and volatile world markets affect your investments?
  • Will you outlive your retirement assets, or will they outlive you?
  • Will you transfer assets to heirs efficiently with minimal taxation?

Innovative Wealth Partners specializes in tax-preferred investments for wealth protection and Legacy Planning. Utilizing strategies that leverage the unique tax benefits of life insurance and guaranteed income of annuities to capture only market gains and not losses. Protecting your assets.

Tax-Advantaged $$ Accumulation for Wealth Preservation and/or Legacy Transfer

Capturing only up markets without direct market investment or risk, the downside market "floor" protection of Indexed Universal Life Insurance allows advisors and their clients additional options for allocating capital. An Indexed Universal Life policy gives the owner the opportunity to allocate cash value amounts to volatility-controlled indices from multiple asset classes. Indexed policies offer a variety of popular indexes to choose from (both U.S. and International Equity Markets) with guaranteed downside protection/floors, a 0% guaranteed minimum rate helps prevent market-based losses and locks in prior year's gains.

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